Controlling Employer Healthcare Costs

Through Truth and Transparency

Your Problem

The Medical Cost Risk for a Company with 500 Employees is $2M

Per Employee


Wasted Costs

Affected Companies

Our Strategy

Identify. Act. Track.

Uncover Value

Uncover Value

We show you what’s driving your costs and offer risk mitigating remedies.

Uncover Value

Connect to Solutions

We’ll hook you up –literally – to programs that tackle your specific issues.

Uncover Value

Demonstrate Impact

We let you know what’s working – and what’s not – to derive maximum value from your healthcare spend.

How it Works

Identify Cost Drivers

Prioritize using our intelligence engine


Exchange Data

Find targeted solutions to suit your needs


Engage with fellow members

Cut Costs

Track performance & measure outcomes

Easily Understand Your Cost Drivers

Leave the analytics to our data scientists. We’ll show you where to focus your attention – in priority order.

Seamlessly Exchange Data

Increase operating efficiency by allowing vendors cross-access to data and improve communication.

Measurably Improve Outcomes

A single view of the truth connects employers, benefit consultants and employees for aligned interests and common goals.

Simply Manage Healthcare Risk

Detailed member tracking down to the individual level to create targeted outreach and tailored programs.


Mitigate your healthcare cost risk through while achieving better outcomes and lowering costs. A robust, analytics platform uncovers your particular cost drivers, and guides you to point solutions that drive employee engagement, workforce health, and productivity.

How to Save

Benefit Consultants

For busy producers helping their clients, zakipoint Health gives you powerful solutions that save your time, and bring you creative programs ideas for your clients to improve member health and tackle the cost curve.

How to Save

Corporate Wellness Providers

Show the impact of your programs, and improve targeting of your initiatives through a simple, easy to deliver, cost effective tool. Access a strategic tool that helps you differentiate, deliver and show the impact of your programs to your customers.

How to Save

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